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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dustin Allen Meece who was born in Fletcher, North Carolina on April 12, 1982 and passed away in Arden, NC on March 12, 2002 at the age of 19. We will remember him forever.

Dustin never met a person he didn't call "friend".  He was liked and loved by  young and old alike.  His family was "crazy" about him, and we miss him every day. He always wore a half-grin and his blue eyes were shining when he talked! I'm sure everyone he met will never forget him!  WE are all anxious to see him again!

4 boys took Dustin's body from us on that terrible day, but they could not take away our love for and memories of him! Dustin was shot by 4 people whom he had tried to help and he had befriended them. They conspired to kill him on a Sunday, and carried it out the following Tuesday evening. Many articles were written in the Asheville-Citizen's Times newspaper during the time from his death to the imprisonment of the 4 people he had called friends, and had even given the shooter a place to stay when he had been kicked out of his own home.

Dustin had no idea that an evening of target practice with birdshot would lead to his murder with double barrel .12 gauge buckshot. I think the ONLY thing to be thankful for from this awful event was that he did not suffer long...he was killed as instantly as you can be killed...since he was shot in the chest and neck, severing his aorta and spinal cord. I only pray the pain was as short-lived for him as it has been agonizingly endless for me, and many others, I am sure.

Dustin was brilliant, actually gifted, in science and math and had been invited to join the Midwest Talent Search from 5th grade on when he had scored over 800 on his SAT (in 5th grade!) By 9th grade, he had already taken all the math courses offered in the Jacksonville high school where I taught special education and he also attended. He had told me he didn't like being in the advanced classes, though, because people would think he was a "nerd" or a "geek"! After 9th grade, he decided to move up to his Dad's in Arden, NC and I missed him terribly, but thought it would be a safer place for him to live than where we were living on the westside of Jacksonville, FL.

He loved TC Roberson High School, where he graduated in 2000. He had a really good time being around his paternal grandparents, Dottie and Howard Meece, his Aunts Rita and Tina, and his Uncle Bill. Dustin made a few good friends and many acquaintences who thought he was kind, funny, laid back, and easy to get along with. He always had a great spirit for adventure. He loved riding his Dynas (silver trick bikes) and motorcycles with his Dad and half-brothers Nicky and John. I saw him whenever I could. He came to help me move in when my husband and I got a house in Hiawassee, GA and went on the road, trucking across the nation. His maternal grandparents, Caryl and John Keister, lived there as well, and he'd visit them with his Dad often.

I was seriously hurt in a wreck in a pick-up and spent nearly 2 years in hospitals, ending with the loss of my left leg above the knee and left hip. After my 19th, and final, surgery my parents came to pick me up on March 13, 2002 and had to inform me that Dustin had been shot and died the evening before. I 'm sure now that had to be one of the hardest things for a parent to tell their child...that her ONLY child had been murdered for no reason. These boys were most likely feeding off each other's crazed beliefs and actions. There was some indication Dustin had made a "comment" about a girl he didn't want to date that another boy was wanting to date. A very brief comment of "she's not all that" got him killed. God knows, I said much worse about someone ,without anyone planning a retaliation of such magnitude!

At this point, it doesn't really matter "why"! It is just that I can't talk to him on the phone, hear him say "I love you, Mama", or go give him a hug! These days all I can do is think of the time I had the privilege to call him my son, try to do something with my time left that is valuable, and to honor Dustin's memory by showing how beautiful he was, as a child, a growing young man, and my only baby!

I hope you enjoy seeing these snapshots of his life, that he shared with his family and friends. I think of him all the time and I really believe he knows that. I do think he's watching over me now, but it is such a strange, terrible thought to wake up every morning with...that he's really gone from this Earth in body. I've almost grown used to it after 4 years, but it doesn't make it any easier. The wound is still fresh; there is no such thing as 'closure' when you lose a child. There is only learning how to live with the pain.

May God bless all of you who are "in my boat" and have similar losses. Also, God bless those of you who have been inspiration and support to me during the dark days that immediately followed Dust's murder. My days are brighter now, but it is always there....that hole in my heart, yet somehow it keeps beating. I try to find happiness in small things, now. I know there will never be anything to equal the love I had for my child, but I know I will see him in God's timeline. That keeps me going. Everyone has to find their own way, but it surely helps to have others along for the ride!

Love and laughter to all!

Terri DeBell Weeks, Dustin's Mom
Tributes and Condolences
so sorry   / James Terry (friend)
Well just found out tonight what has happened to Dustin. I Remember him as a little kid he was a fire cracker full of joy and always happy . It is so sad that this has happened to him and his mom who is also a great person . Once again I am so sorry ...  Continue >>
Thanksgiving 2015   / Terri Weeks (Mama)
It's been 13yrs since we have seen each other in the ether. I see you in my dreams as a little boy. I don't understand them all but I'm grateful for any glimpse of u alive. I miss the Meeces especially Tina. I can't find anyone. Rita, Sylvia,la fawn,...  Continue >>
missing you   / Tina Lively (aunt)
Ten years is not long enough to take away the pain. It seems like yasterday when we were together. But when I realize you are not here the sadness overwhems me still. I will be looking forward to seeing that smiling face again. LOVE FOREVER YOUR AUNT...  Continue >>
Hey Dustin   / Justin K. (Friend)
Thinking about you man I know your watching over all of your family and the real friends you had.  God bless you.
8 years without you has been an eternity   / Terri Weeks (Mom)
At first I just wanted to express my sorrow and the deep pit that doesn't go away when I first wake up every day and realize it is not a nightmare Dustin is really gone from the Earth. But then I read "Jon Doe's" statement about the boys ...  Continue >>
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